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JJ Guitars Welcomes Jess Lewis

Jess Lewis

Jess began playing guitar at the age of 12 being inspired by the music of The Who, Billy Idol & many other rock bands from that era.

When she was 13 her nan introduced her to the music of Steve Vai, Tony MacAlpine & Joe Satriani. Jess was completely inspired by this new and exciting sound & has never looked back.

She went to school at Royal Manor Arts College and was awarded the “Young Talented Musician Award for Dorset”. A local funding group “ The Rotary Club” sponsored her for two one week courses in 2009 -2010 to attend a guitar tuition course at IGF (the International Guitar foundation) where she studied Rock and Beyond and Jazz.

Whilst there she first found out about Guthrie Govan, having experienced watching a masterclass & shortly after a gig with his band the Fellowship, and then soon after discovering JTC.

During this time her musical tastes were beginning to lean towards Jazz/fusion and so she started preforming at local gigs/festivals where possible to help build her confidence and performance skills. In April 2010 after recording herself playing “Feeling Fine” and “Happy as Larry” by Alex Hutchings and uploading to YouTube, Jess was invited by Jan Cyrka (an Outstanding Guitarist, successful and accomplished composer) to re-record the tracks for his “Jamtrackcentral” guitar tuition website.

Following this opportunity Jess went on to become one of JTC.’s most watched and downloaded artists, with over 1 million hits on YouTube. She also got to play and record with her early inspiration Alex Hutchings & Guthrie Govan; quite an achievement in such a short period of time and still only aged 18.

Jess continued her music studies at Chichester College and went on to achieve her BTEC Music Diplomas. With a fan base of players including Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchins & Larry Carlton, Jess continues to discover new inspirational music and contemporary artists, and is also expanding her musical vocabulary & performing regularly with a couple local bands. She is influenced by players such as Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, George Benson, Wayne Krantz, Jonathan Kreisburg, Jeff Beck & many more.

Jess is continues her work writing and developing her own playing style and making amazing music.... Check out our artist pages and view more information and videos !!


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