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Electra FT 90

The JJ “Electra FT 90” is a road ready, single cut design offering all the tone expected from a stripped down, flat top vintage vibe set neck guitar made from the finest aged Brazilian Mahogany.

Equipped with Amalfitano twin Mini P90 Pickups, this guitar sonically delivers the sound of this classic pickup – wood combination. Here is our latest generation Electra FT 59 offering unsurpassed specification.

The construction of this guitar uses genuine aged Brazilian Mahogany along with a one-piece set neck. This combination certainly contributes to the tonal balance of the instrument delivering that raw classic vintage sound for which we are very well known.

The inspiration behind making this guitar was to produce a no frills, go to work tone machine and we are proud to have been able to develop this particular instrument and bring to you this sonic creation.

The process of working with our world-renowned artists produces instruments with unsurpassed tone, amazing looks and effortless playability. It truly is an honour to have been able to road test and collaborate with our artists and bring this instrument to the hands of our customers.


25” Scale Length
12” Fingerboard Radius
22 Medium Frets
Graphtech 43 mm Nut
1 Piece Brazilian Mahogany Body
Bound Body
Madagascar Rose wood Fingerboard
1 Piece Brazilian Mahogany Neck
Mother of Pearl 6mm Dot Fret Markers – Jewellery Grade
Grover Tuning Machines
AA Grade African Ebony Headstock Face
Jewellery Grade Mother of Pearl JJ Logo
Schroeder Fixed Bridge
Twin Amalfitano P90 Pickups
One Volume – One Tone Control
Switchcraft Three way Pickup Selector
CTS Controls – Switchcraft Jack Input
Vintage wiring – Jensen Tone Capacitor


Choice of Finish
Choice of Pickup Layout and Combination
Fret Size (all makes and sizes available)
Choice of Pickups
3 or 6 Way Pickup Switching (4 Wire Twin Humbucking Pickups Only for 6 Way switch)
Right or Left Handed (No Extra Cost)

Pickup Choice

Standard Humbuckers – Bare Knuckle VH2
Standard P90 – Amalfitano
Standard Mini Humbuckers – Lollar

For other pickup choices and options please get in touch.


Precise setup to exacting tolerances
JJ Certificate of Authentication
JJ “Hiscox” Lite Flite


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Electra FT 90 Gallery

Available Pickup Configuration


Humbucker (HB)


Humbucker & P90 (HB90)


P90 (90)


Humbucker Mini (HBM)

Neck Profile 9

Our standard neck profile has come as a result of road testing dozens of prototypes with some of the worlds best musicians. Through continued development and consultations with these players we ultimately concluded that out of all of our prototypes, neck profile “9” offered the ultimate balance of feel, playability and tone which is why we’re excited to bring it to you as standard on all our solid body guitars. We’ve very aware that sometimes the feel of a neck is subjective and everyone has there own preference, so if you’d like something a little more tailored to you then please get in contact with us here at JJ.



43mm – Nut
58mm – 22nd Fret


21.5mm – 1st Fret
23.3mm – 12th Fret


Width .092″
Crown .048″
Tang .063″

JJ Guitars 6 Way Pickup Switching

The JJ Guitars 6 way switch, developed in conjunction with Free-Way, offers a dedicated series & parallel function for guitars equipped with twin Humbucking pickups. The JJ Edition has 9 terminal connections, the normal three traditional humbucker settings are offered along with the inner and outer coils of each pickup in parallel and the inner coils of each pickup in series.

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