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About Us


From the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, luthier and owner of JJ Guitars Jeff Guilford works from his two workshops producing some of the world’s finest boutique electric guitars.

JJ Guitars are traditionally handcrafted from the finest materials and played by some of the finest musicians in the industry. Artists include Simon Townshend of The Who, Matt Schofield, Tomo Fujita and Joe Berger to name a few. Having gained a worldwide reputation for excellence and sonic quality, we are proud to serve the most demanding musicians in providing the sonic tones that can be found on recordings and stages around the world. Fuelled by relentless passion, success is only delivered from our hard work and never accepting second best "Never Chase The Money - Chase The Passion"

JJ Guitars are building guitars to the highest standards and continue to look ahead to serve the music industry in the future. Our world-class artists do help to contribute to this driving force and remain engaged in our development of new ideas. These natural developments are tested where it counts – out on the road in the real world!

JJ Guitars offer many different guitar models and custom options and they all are lovingly created individually from the sound up. We are very proud that JJ Guitars have become one of the “must have” instruments in the arsenals of influential worldwide artists . To this end, only the finest materials, hardware and electronics are considered and tonal excellence is the driving force behind everything we do.

Our wood stock is so important to us that we quite literally globally source our stocks looking for every opportunity to find the best woods available. This includes reclaiming the finest Brazilian mahogany from luxury building refits in Park Lane London, to acquiring aged woods from suppliers found off the beaten path where regular commerce has no reach.

To optimize the tone of our individual guitars, we offer various models of pickup design and combinations. Again, our aim is to compliment the sound and balance of the woods we use in each guitar. Finishing our instruments is also achieved by using extremely durable thin layers allowing the instrument to breathe and achieve it’s full potential. The final process of assembly naturally includes our full setup to exacting tolerances for which we have become well known ensuring effortless playability.

We have a saying here at JJ Guitars:

“Never chase the money… Chase the passion!” – Jeff Guilford  ( June  2020)

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