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Boutique Guitar Showcase

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

En Tour ....2020 USA

We are proud to be exhibiting in the USA, Europe and Japan in the Boutique Guitar Showcase curated by Jamie Gale Music Comming to a dealer near you !!

Tour Venues and Dates:

Cosmo Music Toronto - September 1st

Chicago Music Exchange - September 12th

Galloup School Big Rapids - September 16th

Sweetwater Fort Wayne - September 19th

Gruhn Guitars Nashville - September 22nd

Walt Grace Vintage Miami - September 27th

The Guitar Sanctuary Dallas - September 30th

Heartbreaker Guitars Las Vegas - October 4th

Westwood Music Los Angeles - October 7th

Bananas At Large San Francisco - October 10th

En Tour .... 2020 Europe

Malmo Musk Affar Sweden - October 22nd

The Fellowship Of Acoustics Dedensvaart - October 24th

CBM School Puurs Belgium - October 26th

Guitare Village Paris France - October 25th

Guitar Sauce Lecco Italy - October 2020

HTBLA Halstatt Austria - November 2nd

Japan tour to be announced separately very soon !!!!

Visit. Fo full details !!!!


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